Discipleship Resource Library

This library consists of courses curated for you by CFC staff, covering a wide range of  topics beneficial for Christian life and growth. These courses are offered through several different content providers, with the ribbon in the top left corner of the thumbnail identifying which platform each course is hosted on, and each platform brings with it a slightly different way of accessing its courses. The buttons below will provide information about the platform, as well as instructions to sign up for an account. If you have any questions or concerns about these courses please reach out to a member of the adult ministry team.


Bible: Overview

Bible: Study Tools and Methods

Bible: Themes

Biblical Leadership

Christian Living

Christian Living: Marriage and Singleness

Christian Living: Parenting

Christian Living: Spiritual Formation

Christian Living: Trauma and Emotional Health

Christian Living: Work as Worship

Church History

Everyday Evangelism and Apologetics

Intercultural Ministry

Men's Ministry

Ministry Preparation


Women's Ministry