The Center for Leadership Development

The Center for Leadership Development is a Gospel-Centered Ministry of Western Seminary in Portland, OR. It represents a vital partnership between the Seminary and the local church that exists to provide a broad range of biblical, theological, and ministerial training resources to those seeking to be better equipped for service and/or ministry leadership. They offer an extensive library of courses in Bible, Theology, Discipleship, Leadership Training, and other topics of interest to Christians and for the benefit of the local church.

All courses offered by the Center for Leadership Development are free of charge, but they do require you to have a log in to their learning management system. When you sign up for your first course with them, their system will guide you through the simple process of setting up an account. Once you have done so, you will be granted immediate access to any course you register for.

In our course library, we have selected specific courses that we believe will be most beneficial to members of CFC, but if you would like to browse their full course library, it can be found by clicking on their logo below.