Ministry Grid

Ministry Grid is a resource provided through Lifeway to empower churches to raise up and train their leaders. They believe that healthy churches must practice leadership development as they equip their people. Ministry Grid exists to provide accessible training, done at the learner's pace, and at the times that are convenient to them, providing trusted content from recognized ministry leaders.

Ministry Grid uses a subscription model, and we have already taken care of the costs for anyone who calls Christian Fellowship Church their home. When you follow a link from our course library to their platform, it will automatically recognize you as part of the CFC family as you set up your account. Please use these resources for your benefit, but we ask that you refrain from sharing them with those outside of the CFC family so we may honor the agreement we have with this content provider.

In our course library, we have selected specific courses that we believe will be most beneficial to members of CFC, but if you would like to browse their full course library, it can be found by clicking on their logo below.