How to Study Your Bible

David Niednagel

Course Overview

Many church members say the Bible is boring and many say they can’t identify with a “personal relationship” with the Lord Jesus. This short class will solve both of those problems.

All communication has a purpose. And every communication has a desired response. A failure to respond is disrespectful. We all recognize and respond to communication from our friends through email, texts, etc, even if we do not hear their voice audibly. This class will open your eyes and ears to hearing God speak in ways that we understand on a daily basis, and ways that we can respond to God’s purpose for every passage in the Bible.

About David

David Niednagel is the founding pastor of CFC (in 1974) and is known for making the Bible understandable, practical and life changing. For 50 years he has loved studying and teaching about Creation. He also has a love for missions and training leaders around the world, especially on How to make the gospel clear, and How to have a Christ honoring and satisfying marriage.

When he was younger he enjoyed riding motorcycles in the mountains, but now is satisfied with those memories.

He received his Bachelor's degree from Wheaton College, and a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.